Branch Donation to CYWA

Mimi Jones delivers $1025 Donation to CYWA

The American Association of University Women, West Chester – Chester County Branch, gave its Gateway to Equity Award to Decades to Doorways this year.  The purpose of the Gateway to Equity Award is to help a community organization that works with women and other needy citizens. We were glad to have the opportunity to support Decade to Doorways with its mission to help the homeless and area shelters. Working with four different shelters was challenging, but the response from the members of our branch was admirable, donating generously in the form of cash, household needs of every kind, and volunteer time. The greatest response came at the onset of the Coronavirus when members donated $1025 cash to the CYWA (Community Youth and Women’s Alliance) in Coatesville. Many thanks to all who help the homeless and the needy.