Laundromat Library League

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AAUW West Chester-Cheter County Branch member Arlene Rengert and Karen Iaobucci began the Laundromat Library League in 2014.

There are now over 40 active sites in Southeastern PA, plus satellite sites in Arkansas, California,
Delaware, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia! In 2015 they received a Literacy Award for promoting reading.  The Laundromat Library League iscommitted to sharing books with children wherever a support group can be established.

Volunteers at Laundromat Library League come from a long list of community groups and interfaith religious groups.  They work individually and together collecting, sorting and delivering books.  Each volunteer makes his or her own schedule.  Each Book Box is refreshed once or twice a month. Groups are encouraged to engage in book drives in their communities