Monthly Archives: January 2022

Laundromat Library League Update

Hello to our over 700 supporters and participants!  We hope you are safe and well in these troubled times.

We continue to marvel at the wonderful ways in which so many people care about getting books into the hands of children.  This month a Mom and daughter are seeking laundromats in their town in Illinois, and the daughter has the first decorated box filled with books ready to go.  And we recently received a very large book donation from a regional library here, and another from a private person who held a book drive in her neighborhood.  Over the past year several organizations and individuals have offered generous monetary donations that have enabled the purchase of over 2000 new books that are in Spanish and/or multicultural–at under $1.50 a book thanks to our watchful teacher volunteers that keep track and take advantage of special offers.

Here are three specific requests:

1.  If you steward one of our sites and are ceasing or postponing activity for Covid-safety reasons we certainly understand.  But please hit ‘reply’ to this note to let us know so we can keep our records current.  We have a spreadsheet that lists each of you so we can keep track and it is very helpful if you check in every so often.

2.  We are moving toward improving and invite each of you to visit the website and report changes or additions you would like to see.  AND if any among you have web development experience and can volunteer to assist in this project we sure would welcome it.

3.  If you use Facebook, please visit our page to see pictures of recent activity and choose one or two posts to “share,” perhaps even with a comment.  It would be wonderful if you could do this every month or so to enable the LLL to grow contacts and connections.