Harriet Jarosh Environmental Education Fund

AAUW - Harriet Jarosh Memorial Project

AAUW – Harriet Jarosh Memorial Project

Eva Kaufman (from left), Nancy Dore, Carla Grot and Donna Golden, committee
members,  hold items developed with funds from the Harriet Jarosh
Environmental Fund.

In honor of Harriet Jarosh (1939-2012), a long time member of AAUW West Chester-Chester County (AAUW WC-CC), a generous gift was received from the Jarosh Family allowing for an environmental education fund in her name to be established.  The AAUW West Chester-Chester County Harriet Jarosh Environmental Education Fund will provide grants to support environmental education and activities at the elementary and/or secondary level in the Chester County Public Schools.

Harriet received degrees from Simmons College and Villanova University and worked as a librarian in the Chester County Library System. In addition to that, she held many leadership positions in the AAUW at the local and state levels.

Environmental education was one of her major interests, It was sparked by an AAUW topic “Managing Resources for Tomorrow.” Harriet called together members from various community organizations and the Chester County Health Department and after one and a half years of work, the first “West Chester Area Recycling Center” opened on Turner Lane in West Chester in November 1980 and was operational until the year 2000.

The AAUW WCCC Harriet Jarosh Environmental Education Fund honors Harriet’s spirit and interest in the environment.

Modest grants are available. For further information contact ncdore@gmail.com.

Download grant information sheet.