2021-2022 Annual Pecan Fundraiser raises over $1,000 to support Branch activities



Since 2016, the AAUW West Chester Branch has been selling candied and plain pecans for our annual fall fundraiser. The monies raised are used to  support the operational duties of the branch. This year we raised $1022. We thank everyone who supported our fundraiser and look forward to next year’s fall pecan fundraiser coming in September 2022. Our thanks to Anne Anderko for leading this effort.

2019-2020 Teapot Fundraiser raises over $1500

Beginning in October, we started our teapot fundraiser. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, members sent their donations to our treasurer instead of bringing their decorated teapots to the May Banquet. More than $1500 was divided between Safe Harbor, Domestic Violence Center and Friends Association.


2018-2019 Piggy Bank Fundraiser a success!

Karen Iacobucci, (left) vice-president of the Laundromat Library League (LLL), accepts an $800 check from             AAUW WC-CC Branch Co-President Anne Anderko and co-fundraiser Trish Alfano.

AAUW members collected change in their individual piggy banks throughout the year. Some branch members filled their pigs multiple times. Prior to the annual May Banquet, each member decorated her pig,and members voted on the pigs to determine the winners.