Public Policy

Legislation and Public Policy (LAPP)

by Patricia Schultz

AAUW November Elections Results

Curious about how women fared in this past election? Check out this link for full details.

State Ballot Measures: How Women Fared in 2014


On Election Day, AAUW’s and friends’ voices were heard loud and clear on ballot initiatives on issues including the minimum wage, paid sick days, and equal rights. Here’s the rundown on how our issues fared in state elections.



League of Women Voters of Chester County PA 

In a poll of PA Women at the PA Conference for Women, the following issues are ranked in the order of importance:


  1. Equal Pay for Equal Work (Eliminate the Pay Equity Gap)


  1. Fairly Funded Quality Public Education


  1. Stop the Sale of Democracy – Overhaul Campaign Finance. See More on LWVCC Facebook page:


Common Core


PA Department of Education seeks input on academic standards


The PA Department of Education (PDE) has launched a website for the public to provide input on PA Core Standards:


At present, the site consists of Grade Three standards in English Language Arts and Math only. However, PDE promises the site will be updated with English Language Arts and Math for Grades 4-8 and Algebra 1 and Literature for Secondary levels by mid-November. The interactive website also provides sample questions from state tests and will remain open through mid-January 2015 so that all stakeholders are afforded the opportunity to provide feedback to PDE.


AAUW Outlook


Many of you receive this but if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the electronic link: This edition is very enlightening about Contraception, Sex Ed, Sexual Assault, and Violence Against Women. Please forward it to those women and girls who may benefit from reading these articles.


The AAUW and the LWVCC websites and Facebook sites are invaluable for up to date information about national, state and local activities and issues.