Held at Grove United Methodist Church [unless otherwise noted]
              490 West Boot Road    West Chester, PA 19380
Subject to change due to fluid CoVid conditions.

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September 8, 2021
4 pm

Location: Thornbury Farm, 1256 Thornbury Rd.,
West Chester, PA
Speaker: Meaghan Ervine, Volunteer Coordinator,
Home of the Sparrow

Learn how our branch can support our Gateway to Equity Award winner this year.

Refreshments & Setup/Cleanup: Lit I

October 13, 2021
2 pm (Live)
7 pm Zoom

Location: Thornbury Farm,
1256 Thornbury Road, West Chester, PA
Speaker: Tonya Dipilla, Associate Director of Development and Communication, Canine Partners for Life
Topic: Service Dogs as a Portal to Education, Employment and Self-Sufficiency

Service dogs have enabled clients to attend school/college, engage in a career, and lead a fulfilling life. The program will feature a talk plus demonstration by a fully trained service dog. More

Refreshments & Setup/Cleanup: Lit II

November 10, 2021
7 pm

Location: Grove United Methodist Church/TBD
Speaker: Wendy Summer, Founder, Zaanha Fund
Topic: Afghanistani Girls: Why I Keep Going Back

In April, 2006 Wendy Summer traveled to Afghanistan to help women entrepreneurs build their nascent businesses. During that trip, she decided to start ZAANHA, (which means women in the Dari Language,) whose mission became sending illiterate Afghan working street boys and girls to school. ZAANHA’s programs are funded by the sales of beautiful scarves and shawls made primarily by master craftspeople in Nepal and India. Wendy’s stories and insights present a different picture than what one usually hears about this troubled land and will give you reasons to care.

Refreshments & Setup/Cleanup: Lit III


December 12, 2021

Holiday Party

January 12, 2022
7 pm

Location: Virtual Meeting on Zoom
Speaker: Lisa Polen, IMAGEN project manager
Topic: Reclaiming Matrilineal Traditions and Building a New Generation of Indigenous Girl Societies on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota

IMAGEN, a program of the Population Council, stands for “Indigenous Adolescent Girls Empowerment Network,” uses a girl-centered approach to strengthen social support for Native girls by reclaiming matrilineal traditions and establishing neighborhood-level “Girl Societies.” IMAGEN trains and supports local organizations in recruiting local women to act as mentors for each Girl Society, strengthening community ties and enhancing girls’ resilience.

February 9, 2022
7:00 pm

Location: on Zoom
Speaker: Mark Butler, Executive Director, Family Service of Chester County
Topic: Innovative Programs in Support of Women and Families in Chester County

Learn about two innovative programs designed to support families with parenting strategies and counseling services. Familias Unidas is a unique program serving Spanish-speaking families.Strengthening Families 10-14 focuses on keeping youth from engaging in risky behaviors by improving parental communication.

Refreshments: All Members

March 9, 2022
7 pm

Location: Virtual Meeting on Zoom
Speaker: Cris Vitsorek and Danielle Battaglia, Delaware Art Museum
Topic: Women of Myth and Legend

View and discuss highlights from Wilmington’s Delaware Art Museum. DelArt’s significant holdings of  historical and contemporary American art, British Pre-Raphaelite art, and American illustration will be shared. View new acquisitions by women and Black artists, which add depth and diversity to this local collection.

April 13, 2022
7 pm

Location: Grove United Methodist Church
Speaker: Michelle Swanter, retired Pennsylvania State Trooper
Topic: Staying Secure Online and in Person in 2022

How to detect security threats to ourselves and to our online presence and how to combat such threats.

Refreshments & Setup/Cleanup: Mahjongg

May 11, 2022
Banquet (TBD)



Branch awards will be presented and new officers will be installed.  The 2022-2023 Gateway to Equity Award winner will speak.

Hospitality Setup/Cleanup provided by Women’s Bridge


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