Held at Grove United Methodist Church [unless otherwise noted]
              490 West Boot Road    West Chester, PA 19380

September 11th
*6:00 PM*
Our Gateway to Equity Partners:  Participating Agencies in Decade to Doorways

Special Guest:  Robert Hunter (Decade to Doorways Director)

Presented by: Deborah Bookman (CYWA), David James (Safe Harbor), Amelia Rayburn (DVCCC), Robin Meixner (Friends)

Facilitated by:  Mimi Jones & Peggy Staarman

Learn about the aims and needs of the Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children, the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, CYWA Gateway Shelter, and Safe Harbor of Chester County.

Refreshments:  Last Names A-H, Desserts;
Last Names I-P, Salads/Sides;
Last Names Q-Z, Entrees


Wednesday, October 9th
7:00 PM



From Scientist to Weaver and Dyer

Presented by: Dr. Carol Ireland, retired scientist and member of the
Harmony Weavers Guild

Facilitated by:  Deb Liczwek

Dr. Ireland will speak about her journey from working as a scientist to weaving and using natural dyes in that endeavor. She will also discuss how she came to be involved in WARP (Weave a Real Peace) which supports textiles as key to grassroots economies all over the globe.

Refreshments:  Lit Group II

Wednesday, November 13th
7:00 PM








Planned Parenthood:  What Now?

Presented by: Dayle Steinberg, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast PA

Facilitated by:  Jean Speiser

At a time when many states have curtailed services for women’s health, including abortion, what action is Planned Parenthood taking to restore and to protect these services?  How can we help?

Refreshments:  Lit Group I


*3:00 PM*



The Ellerslie Farmhouse at Crosslands Retirement Community, Kennett Square, PA

Refreshments:  Members provide appetizers and Board provides desserts


January 8th
7:00 PM






“There’s hope for bold, bipartisan action on climate.”

Presented by: Matthew Zencey, Citizens Climate Lobby

Facilitated by:  Barbara Lathroum


The Citizens Climate Lobby is pressuring Congress to pass legislation that will protect Americans from the effects of climate change and that will help arrest further environmental damage.


February 15th
*10:00 AM*







Wednesday, March 11th, 7:00 pm

“We are our Sisters’ Keeper:  Understanding Issues Facing

Black Women and Girls in Chester County”

Presented by: Cheryl Miles, MSW, Director of Permanent Housing Services at Good Sam Services in Coatesville

Facilitated by:  Cathy Palmquist

Cheryl Miles is the winner of CCFWG’s 2018 Kitchen Table Award. She is the founder of the Black Women Association of Chester County. Through her work at Good Samaritan Services, Cheryl finds permanent housing for the homeless.


BRUNCH:  Members bring breakfast dishes, breads, fruit

Girl Gov

Presented by: Maeve Kelly, Communications and Program Associate / GAB Coordinator for CCFWG

Facilitated by:  Barbara Lathroum

Chester County Fund for Women & Girls has begun a new program for young women focusing on civic education and government.

Refreshments:  The Stitchers, T.I.G., Bridge, Mah Jongg


Wednesday April 8th
7:00 PM






A Woman Running for Office:  Fredda Maddox

Presented by: Fredda Maddox

Facilitated by:  Jean Speiser

Fredda Maddox will discuss her recent experiences running for the office of Sheriff in Chester County. Ms. Maddox will also address the outcome of the election, one way or another.

Refreshments:  Board Members


Wednesday, May 13th ***THE ANNUAL MEETING***





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