PMP’s – Prospective Members Parties

Do you have a friend or do you know someone who has voiced interest in knowing more about AAUW? If so, our PMP’s are a perfect venue to introduce them to our organization. The parties are just the right size to allow potential members to ask questions and casually get to know some of our current members. Just join us for a party listed below:

January 10, 2019
“Souper Dinner”…soup & salad

New Member Enrollment: Click here for our new member enrollment form. 

Give a Grad a Gift!

Introduce your friends and associates to AAUW West Chester-Chester County Branch! Each time you bring a prospective member to a branch meeting, your name will be entered into the Membership Recruitment Incentive Raffle. The winner selected at the May banquet will receive a free one-year national membership renewal.

Shape the Future – new members recruited at a public event at a reduced rate. Forms available at the public meeting.

Current Members: Click here to download the membership renewal form.

Membership Qualifications and Dues…

    • As amended by the delegates to the 2005 Convention, the AAUW Bylaws now admit to membership “a graduate holding an associate or equivalent…degree from a “qualified educational institution.” The Bylaws define qualified institutions as “educational institutions that offer recognized associate, baccalaureate, or higher degrees and have a full regional or appropriate professional association approval.”
    • Presentation of degree and payment of dues should be made to the Branch Membership Vice-President.
    • Annual dues are paid for the fiscal year July 1 to June 30 and are due no later than July 1 for the coming year.
    • Yearly dues are $85 and include:
      • $59.00 Association (National)
      • $10.00 State (Pennsylvania)
      • $16.00 Branch (West Chester-Chester County) –$46 is tax deductible as a charitable contribution
    • Student-at-large members are $17 for students not attending a college or university AAUW partner member. E-student membership with partners is free at the national and sate levels.