Newsletter Guidelines

Guidelines for AAUW some

  1. Deadline for articles is the 10th of the month prior to publication – October 10, January 10 and March 10 for 2015 – 16.
  2. Board will develop outline/plan for newsletter.
  3. Copies of each newsletter article must be sent to the President and the President Elect.
  4. Articles should be less then 340 words (1 column in 12 pt.) and sent as .doc (Word) files whenever possible.
  5. Program information should be available for publication in the month prior to the event.
  6. SIG information should be specific (when, where, leader, contact info., program or book).
  7. Photos should be sent in .jpg format and should be the best quality possible. Leave cropping to the editors when possible.
  8. Editors must keep newsletter to 10 pages or less (5 printed front and back).
  9. Editors must consult with President or designee if newsletter is too long.
  10. Editors and President will determine number of copies to be printed.
  11. Board will review and decide list of Friends who receive printed copies.
  12. The newsletter should go to the printer by the 25th of the month. Copies should include the Circulation Manager, Person who distributes the e-mail version, and, if requested, other named designees.